A very different family tour


What mysteries are contained within the walls?

What will you discover at the abbey?

With a guide map in hand, the curious or contemplative visitor can wander and explore….

  • The ruin of the abbey church, open to the sky, raising its tall and forbidding silhouette
  • The remains of the cloister
  • The fortifications where the wall walk is still distinguishable
  • A machicolation tower whose foundation sits/floats? in the river
  • The Roman chapter room with pendants depicting strange masks

And also…..

  • The monumental staircase with stone balustrades
  • The corridors leading to the old monks’ cells
  • The scriptorium, the infirmary, the monks’ laundry room, the refectory
  • The chapel
  • The outbuildings, including the wine store and dovecote
  • The vegetable garden

A dip into the monastic world

Observe the order of silence and communicate with just a wax tablet, experience the water ritual, read in the library, view the chapter room, decipher the symbols of the capitals, taste the bread in the kitchens, visit the crypt by candlelight, hoe the garden, smell and recognise the scents of plants in the herbarium, find where the greedy monk is hiding, try stone-cutting, compete in calligraphy, try the test of silence with an hourglass to time you, try chanting, find the echo in the chapel…..

Play a fantastical treasure hunt throughout the abbey

Put on a magic monk’s habit and go back in time – follow in the footsteps of the young niece of the last monk watchman at the abbey, to find a terrifying and mysterious book that has stayed hidden at the abbey for centuries.

Experience a secret adventure and discover a whole way of life, while looking for lots of carefully concealed clues which provide the answers to the questions.

Through the adventures that the abbey has experienced over the centuries, you will learn…

  • The key to the organisation of a monastery
  • The everyday life of its inhabitants, from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution
  • Their customs and practices: religious services, meals, manual labour, taking care of the poor.

Take part in activities

Take part in activities under the watchful eye of our gardener Patrice, who will tell you that “idle hands are the devil’s playground”!…

  • Calligraphy
  • Stone cutting
  • Bread making, baked in the abbey’s great oven
  • The mystical and secret gathering of medicinal plants from the physic garden, as well as vegetables.
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