About us

Noémi Brunet: Art historian. Has taken part in archaeological excavations in Bordeaux. Passionate about preserving our heritage. Undertook the restoration of two derelict timber framed properties in the historic quarters of Gaillac (Tarn), then at St Fargeau (Yonne).

Michel Guyot: Rescuer of the Chateau de Saint Fargeau in the Yonne.  Originator of the mediaeval construction works at Guédelon, and creator of the historical pageant at St Fargeau, which involves 800 volunteers.  Also involved in the restoration of three mediaeval castles.

Our aim

As owners of the Abbaye Royale de la Réau since October 2016, we have the firm intention of restoring this exceptional site to all its grandeur.

In agreement with the Regional Cultural Affairs Directorate (DRAC) and hopefully with the aid of funds raised from international foundations, we plan to reconstruct the nave of the abbey church which collapsed two centuries ago, and restore the transept, the choir and the bell tower.

Your participation in visiting the abbey will help us to achieve this ambitious goal.

Abbaye réau

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